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JPRex's Gallery.


Despite the fact you all saw this about about.. IDK, 15 times.. I'll be postin' it. BUT.. there's a catch! O:
It's not the same pictures.


Anyways.. Um.. This will kinda be a bunch of random things thrown together.

I know you've seen that picture a lot.. But I am rather very proud of that.

Umm... All I can say is that I've got more if wanted.

Just a couple notes:
I use Terragen 2 and Terragen 8.0. As well as GIMP and Photoshop. (I had GIMP before PS.)
The type of camera I use can either be really good.. or really bad..:

Minolta X-700 (Good.)
HP camera. Digital. I hate this camera with a passion. It's horrible. My friend is telling me to get a Kodak or Nikon - he says I've got the creativeness to use it - but in a nutshell I can't buy anything for the next four years.

But yes.
That is all.

Hey, I love that JP3-style raptor!

Thanks. O:

Finished Carnifax, though I honestly think it needs a little more work. I'll fix it up.


its not bad.......

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